Aluminum Door and Window Hinge Drilling Machine
  • Aluminum Door and Window Hinge Drilling Machine
    • Aluminum Door and Window Hinge Drilling Machine


Aluminum Door and Window Hinge Drilling Machine

Chassis brand: JMD
Bit speed: 1400r/min
Processing transverse length: 300-2300mm

1.It is mainly used for drilling hinge holes of aluminum doors and windows.
2.Four holes can be drilled on both sides at the same time, with high production efficiency.
3.The two heads can work independently or simultaneously.
4.The machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable, advanced technology and easy to maintain.
5.The machine tool is equipped with two heads, the left head is fixed and fixed on the bed with screws; the right head can be moved on the circular guide rail by the handle and can be locked in the required position, and it is equipped with a cylinder approaching device to facilitate sizing.
6.The drill bit is driven forward and backward by the air cylinder on the linear guide rail. The buffer is installed at the front end of the working feed, which can make the working advance stable and limit the position.
7.In front of the machine bed is equipped with an operation table, and the electrical control elements are all installed on the operation table. After the workpiece is put on the working table, as long as the operator presses the button according to the operation rules, the machine will complete the pressing, cutting, tool return, loosening and other processes.

Power supply


Input power


Air pressure


Air consumption


Bit speed


Processing transverse length


Feed speed

Stepless speed regulation 0-3m/min

Overall dimension




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