Are Aluminium doors better than wood?

29 Apr, 2021

Sound Insulation Sex

Wooden door is processed by whole solid wood and become, so its density is high, door plate massiness is heavy, also because of this so wood door has good sound-absorbing sex, can effectively play the role of sound insulation.

Aluminum alloy door window basically is formed by aluminum profile structure, glass structure and hardware fittings structure, the sealing requirement when 3 people join is taller, thickness is not enough, jail-cut, sealing quality does not reach the standard and so on the factor can cause the problem that soundproof sex is insufficient, so relatively speaking wood door soundproof sex is still relatively good.

Because of this, indoor door uses wooden door to slant commonly much.



Aluminum profile light weight, durable.

Aluminum door than wood doors and Windows corrosion resistance, not easy to decay, its oxidation coloring layer does not fall off, do not fade, durable.

Wooden door because it is wooden structure, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is relatively poor, with a long time is easy to mold, and then deterioration, greatly reducing its service life.

Therefore, toilet, kitchen generally use aluminum door more.


Cost Performance

Door and window price basically depends on the quality of the product, brand positioning and a lot of factors such as actual material, compare the general price of aluminum door and wooden door on the general market.

Wooden door because draw materials natural, the price is not cheap;

Aluminum door price is moderate, suitable for the use of mass consumer groups.

Are Aluminium doors better than wood.png 

So, is aluminum door better or wood door better?

It's up to the consumer to consider a variety of options.

However, if from all aspects of comparison, or aluminum doors occupy the advantage.

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