How to Choose Aluminum Window & Door Machines?

16 Sep, 2020

There’re so many different kinds of aluminum window & door machines such as cutting , end milling, crimping, punching and drilling, etc. Each kind of machine has many different models optional. So, how to choose the right aluminum window and door machines if I want to build a window plant? Let me give you some advice now.


JMD is a famous brand of aluminum window and door machines in Asia. They have many different machines optional. If you want to purchase machines from JMD, you may ask yourself some questions first:

1. Are you aim to make windows for houses or big buildings?

2. Do you want manual/simple machines or automatic/high-end machines?

3. Do you want save investment before you buy machines or save labor costs after you get the machines?

4. Do you want cheap machines or you care more about long-term stability of the machines and after-sales services?


Below is a high-end JMD aluminum window production line which is suitable for large window plant. It includes:

CNC double miter saw  LJJ2AS-500X4200

CNC milling machine  LZX-3200

Hydraulic punching machine  LJY-35

High-efficient corner connector saw  LJJMGS-CNC-400

End milling machine with 6-cutters   LXSJ6A-250

Heavy duty corner crimping machine  LJZJZ-150





This line use less labors and is suitable for large window project.





Below is a basic aluminum window production line which includes:

Digital display double miter saw LJJ2AX-500X4200

Copy router LJAXF1-270X115

Corner crimping machine LJZJSA-120

Corner connector saw LJJM-450(500)

Hydraulic punching machine LJY-35

End milling machine (single spindle)





This line is suitable for small size window plant.

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