What is a Double Miter Saw?

28 Feb, 2021

Double Miter Saw is a profile cutting tool used in the production of doors and windows.

The left saw head is a fixed saw head, and the right saw head is a movable saw head, which can be moved left and right on the circular guideway. Each saw head is composed of swing angle mechanism, feed system, worktable, workpiece clamping system, saw blade, saw cover, etc.

The swing angle mechanism is driven by the cylinder and positioned by the limit block.

The feed system is driven by a cylinder and fed in a straight line.

The saw blade is driven by the spindle motor, and the feed system is the core component of the saw head, which should be maintained and maintained in use.

The worktable is used for profile support, positioning and installation of clamping mechanism, saw cover protection and chip collection function.

1_CNCDoubleheadMiterPrecisionCuttingSawforAluminumandPVCProfile_6_1603166436_副本.jpg1.Schneider CNC system & automatic profile supporting system 

2. Driven by rack, the right machine head horizontally moves with precise repeat orientationThe repetitive positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm. 

3. Available to input a series of data (cutting length & quantity) to realize the continuous cutting 

4. Saw blade:Diamond ZhiGuang; Cable & electric wires: YiChu; Pneumatic components: AirTAC 

5. Saw blade feeding driven by hydraulic damping cylinder through HIWIN linear guide rail 

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