How to start the business of aluminum windows?

How to start the business of aluminum windows?
How to start the business of aluminum windows?

How to start the business of aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are more and more popular in today’s world. If I want to start the business of it, what should I do?

First, we need to confirm what kind of windows to make, sliding windows, casement windows or swing windows? Then to find the aluminum profile supplier.

Second, find the right window machines which suitable for the profiles. As there’s no universal machines can make all kinds of windows, we have to make sure the machines are available for the profiles, that’s why we need to confirm the profile supplier first. If we want to make thermal break casement windows, basically, we’ll need double miter saw, corner crimping machine, end milling machine, copy router/CNC milling machine, punching machine and corner connector saw, etc.

Before buy the machines, we’d better send some aluminum samples to the machine suppliers to confirm they machines can process the profiles. Don’t forget to order enough wearing parts for the machines such as saw blades, milling cutter and crimping knives, etc. As the window machines need to work with compressed air and electricity, you also need to buy an air compressor, air tank, air hose and cables, etc.

Besides of the big window machines, we also need to buy some small tools such as meter stick, protractor, vernier caliper, gradienter, pencil, electric drills and chop saw, etc.

Then, we need to find supplier of glasses, sealants, hardware and rubber strips, etc.

To make aluminum windows is not a easy job, you also need some other tools or materials,but if you get all the items mentioned above, you can start the job. Good luck!

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