Overview of window and door machine maintenance

Overview of window and door machine maintenance
Overview of window and door machine maintenance

Overview of window and door machine maintenance

Different machine is used in the production of doors and windows, so higher requirements are also placed on the operators of window machinery. During the use of some window machine, hidden faults often occur, resulting in interruption of production activities, which requires Regular maintenance and repair of machinery and machine can play a preventive role and ensure efficient production efficiency. If the mechanical machine is not maintained and maintained for a long time, it will cause the wear and tear of the parts. Once the failure occurs in the production, the losses will be more serious.

Let’s talk about the maintenance of door and window machine below.
Lubrication of bed guides and working guides: use 40# mechanical oil or 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil in summer; use 30# mechanical oil or 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil in winter.
Adjustment of the air source processor (oil-water separator, pressure reducing valve, lubricator): the oil-water separator is a differential pressure drainage type, and the compressed air should be closed after the machine is shut down to discharge the accumulated water; the pressure gauge is adjusted to 0.5~0.8 MPa; the lubricator ensures a certain oil level (mechanical oil 20#), and the oil volume is adjusted to about three drops per minute.
The machine should be kept clean, and the aluminum scraps should be cleaned in time after each shift; the dust on the guide rail and the surface of the machine tool should be wiped off, and the exposed surface of the guide rail should be smeared with grease to prevent rust.
Clean the aluminum chips and dirt inside the machine head once a month (the cover needs to be removed). In particular, the work-in linear guides should be wiped clean, and lubricated and moved back and forth several times to observe whether there is a stuck phenomenon, and if there are any problems, they should be solved in time.
When the machine is used for the first time and after being placed for a long time, it should be carefully checked before running.
For the cooling and lubrication of the milling cutter, we first recommend using kerosene; secondly, special cutting fluid for aluminum profiles without water can be used.
We strongly advise against the use of emulsified oils and water-based cutting fluids.

Common faults and solutions
After the first use or after the device is reconnected to the power supply, if the operating device does not work, first check whether the power supply has electricity; then check whether the phase sequence protection relay indicator light in the device distribution box is lit. If not, please exchange any two-phase live wire of the power cord.
The pressure reducing valve cannot reach the working pressure: first check the output pressure of the air compressor. If the output pressure of the compressor reaches, then check whether the pressure regulating valve spring is broken or whether the pipeline is leaking. If there is any problem, repair or replace it in time.
If the lubricator does not drip oil during operation, check the oil quantity of the oil cup, or check whether the oil needle hole of the lubricator is blocked, and repair or replace it if there is any problem.
Electrical or pneumatic system failure: refer to the electrical schematic diagram and the gas circuit schematic diagram, and professionals can take professional methods to analyze, find and eliminate, or directly contact the machine manufacturer.
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