When process profiles which length is between 350mm and 2200mm, all work stations can work at the same time without interference. Water holes and lock holes takes more time during processing, so they are processed at the last work station. When the last station is working, other stations before it can work without stop. Total length of sash processing line: 30m

Products: Aluminum Window Sash Production Line

Description: Aluminium window machine, Aluminium window making machine, Aluminium profile processing machinery

Technical Parameter

1. Maximum section width of profile applied to: 100mm

2. Maximum section height of profile applied to: 145mm

3. Processing length range: 350~2200mm

4. Processing length accuracy: ±0.1mm/1000mm

5. Cutting angle accuracy: ±5'

Structural Elements Processed

1. 45 degree cutting of both ends of profile

2. Glue injection holes at both ends

3. Corner connector pin hole

4. Milling corners of C channel for installing transmission bar

5. Milling corners for installing the arc angle(more safe compared sharp angle)

6. Handle hole

7. Lock hole

8. Water hole and isobaric hole

Other Machine Parameter

1. Power supply: 380V, 3Phase, 50Hz

2. Drilling/milling spindle power:3.0kW

3. Working air pressure:0.5~0.8MPa

4. Compressed air consumption: 220L/min

5. Total input power: 85kW

6. Total weight: 19tons

7. Overall size(L*W*H): 30188mm *3828mm *2055mm

Main Configuration of Parts

1. Motion control system: Siemens (V90 servo, PLC S7-1500, Industrial computer)

2. Air circuit components: AirTAC

3. Milling and cutting spindle: Rundawords

4. Highly flexible wires and cables: Echu

5. Low voltage electrical components: Schneider/Omron

6. Frequency converter: Delta/Schneider

7. Linear guide: HIWIN

8. Gears and racks: YYC

9. Lubrication system: BAOTN

10. Drag chain system: HUASITECH

Videos: Window Sash Production Line