Are Aluminium Windows Any Good?

23 Mar, 2021

Aluminum alloy windows and doors, refers to the use of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as frames, mullions, fans for the production of windows and doors called aluminum alloy windows and doors referred to as aluminum windows and doors. 

Aluminum alloy windows and doors include aluminum alloy as stress members (members that bear and transfer dead weight and load) and wood-plastic composite windows and doors, referred to as aluminum-wood composite windows and doors, aluminum-plastic composite windows and doors.

The quality of aluminum alloy windows and doors can be roughly judged from the selection of raw materials (aluminum profiles), aluminum surface treatment and internal processing quality, and the price of aluminum alloy windows and doors.

Aluminum alloy windows and doors are now more commonly used, with many advantages and disadvantages.

The fireproof property of aluminum alloy windows and doors is better than rigid ones, no need for paint and maintenance, grow new or not old, avoid the tiredness and trouble of your maintenance, comprehensive cost economy, relatively long service life.

Disadvantages: poor toughness, cold tone, poor heat preservation effect, poor sound insulation, poor air tightness, air leakage and water leakage, and the surface is easy to change color if it is not handled well.

The grade is lower, and the ordinary home decoration is used more.

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The characteristics of aluminum alloy windows and doors tools are as follows:

1. Light weight and high strength.

2. Good sealing performance.

3. Fixed groove.

4. Beautiful shape. 

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