Efficient CNC Corner Connector Saw LJJMGS-CNC-400

15 Sep, 2020



u Cut 4~6 pieces of profiles per cycle; the short profile left can be cut in next cutting cycle

u Patented saw blade originally manufactured by KANEFUSA in Japan. The thickness of blade edge is just 2.3mm, obviously low down the waste rate of the profiles

u Saw blade driven by SIEMENS motor through synchronous belt

u Saw blade feeding driven by air-liquid conversion, stable and high efficiency.

u Dust collector to absorb the cutting dust of aluminum.

u Schneider CNC system; Cable & electric wires:YiChu; Pneumatic components: AirTAC


Technical Parameters


Power supply:


Saw blade rotational speed:


Input power:  


Saw blade specification:


Air pressure:


Max cutting width/height:


Cutting length:


Overall dimension:






The detalis of machine




Unique advantage


Door and window equipment summer maintenance measures

1. Every day after work, it is necessary to clean the aluminum (wood) chips on the equipment, especially the transmission parts and moving parts of the equipment (such as: guide rails, cylinders, work panels, etc.);

2. Regularly check the screws on various parts of the equipment to prevent loosening, resulting in accuracy errors and safety accidents.

3. Regularly wipe the lubricant on the shafts of the equipment (for example: linear guides);

4. aluminum machine to choose a more dilute cutting fluid, it is not recommended to water;

5. Check the equipment air circuit and solenoid valve body for water retention before daily operation to ensure that the air path is smooth and then use the equipment. In order to avoid water in the gas path, it is necessary to discharge the air compressor every day, and often replace the filter element.

6. Check whether the power switch is normal every day and whether the wire is aging. If there is any problem, replace it immediately.

7. aluminum profiles, wood and other light to prevent bumps, resulting in equipment damage and other errors.

8. It is forbidden to use gloves to operate the equipment and it is forbidden to wear gloves. Do not wear scarves or similar clothing to prevent accidents.

9. regular inspection of power lines, solenoid valves and other electrical components to prevent serious short circuits and other accidents!

10. When the equipment is running, pay attention to the operating status of the equipment to prevent the motor and oil pressure equipment from being overheated. If the temperature is abnormal, timely power-off and air-breaking will occur. Use the equipment after the temperature returns to normal.





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