Prepare for installation of door and window equipment

15 Sep, 2020

1. In terms of power, since the common voltage of door and window equipment is 380V, we must pay attention to the connection between the live line and the zero line when wiring. Generally, the live wire is black or blue, and the zero wire is red (depending on the situation of each factory). If the live wire is connected reversely, change the position.




2. In terms of air source, as the aluminum doors and windows are all compressed by air cylinders, it is the premise of efficient use of the equipment to ensure sufficient air supply. If the air pressure is not reached, the saw blade of the double head cutting saw will be affected in and out, and the processing effect will be affected accordingly. Generally speaking, a set of door and window equipment should ensure that the air pressure can reach 8 pressures and the air supply flow can reach 0.3. If there are too many equipment, it is not enough to rely on air pump alone. You need to prepare one or two air tanks.




3. In terms of equipment, as there are many categories of aluminum door and window equipment, each kind of equipment may have several types of machines. It is particularly important to check the door and window equipment, such as the air pipe plug of the cutting saw, the in and out speed of the saw blade, the left and right working conditions of the saw head, etc


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